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December, 2008

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Welcome to my online newsletter.  Here is where I offer the latest fashion news,  my monthly specials and "Posh Tips".  I hope you find something you like!



Crochet Flower

Elastic Flower

Printed Elastic



Beanie Hats

Posh Baby

Headband and
Clip Displays




        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


"Posh Bling!!  Bling!!" has arrived!

Posh Baby Bling    The flowers from our "Posh Bling!! Bling!!" line are embellished with the finest dazzling Swarovski Crystals.  Each crystal is placed individually with the utmost care and preciseness for spectacular shine!

    The "Ava" and "Camden" flowers were selected to showcase the "Posh Bling!! Bling!!" line.  This line consists of flower clips, crochet headbands, elastic headbands Posh Baby Blingand printed elastic headbands.

    Heads will turn when these flowers are worn on a lady's night out.  The spot- light will be on tweens at dance recitals and prom night.  Baby will be special on any and all occasions. 

    Our "Posh Bling!! Bling!!" can be found on our website: or clicking here.


     Exclusive!  Exclusive!  Exclusive!

    This month we are offering our exclusive printed elastic headbands to our retail customers.  This sale includes all prints including:  Zebra, Leopard, Pink Camo, Pink Dots and Red/White Polka Dots.

    Our elastic headbands are 5/8 inches wide. They keep their elasticity and are soft and silky to the touch. This sale can be found on our website: or by clicking here.

These "Printed Headbands" are exclusive to:  Posh Petals Couture.


Fall is here!Posh Baby Bling

    It's getting cold outside.  It's time to make a fashion statement with your baby and tween wearing their Crochet Beanie Hats.  Our crochet beanie hats come in white or pink, are "one size fits all", keeps their elasticity
and are soft and comfortable on the head. The hats retail for $22 and can be found on our website: or by clicking here.


Wholesale Information

We offer wholesale discounts to retailers. Becoming a retailer of our products is simple and easy.  Click on "Wholesale Information" to the left, or here. Complete the form online, print and fax to: (209) 847-1610

Once your application is accepted you will be given special "promo codes" to receive large discounts off wholesale purchases from the website.  Our products are marketed towards babies, tweens and adult women. They make a great profit accessory for clothing, hair salons, dance studios and gift shops. Hurry and apply today!